Former President Donald Trump on Monday (File)

Minnesota Democrat Calls For A Pardon For Trump For “The Good Of The Country”

Former President Donald Trump on Monday (File)
Former President Donald Trump on Monday (File)

A Democratic congressman urged New York Gov. Kathy Hochul to pardon former President Donald Trump for the good of the country.

Rep. Dean Phillips, a Minnesota Democrat who briefly challenged President Joe Biden for his party’s presidential nomination, issued his plea on Friday, the day after Trump was convicted by a New York City jury on 34 counts of first-degree falsification of business records.

Phillips’ message to Hochul was not entirely magnanimous.

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“Donald Trump is a serial liar, cheater, and philanderer, a six-time declarer of corporate bankruptcy, an instigator of insurrection, and a convicted felon who thrives on portraying himself as a victim,” the congressman posted on X. “@GovKathyHochul should pardon him for the good of the country.”

As the conservative website Trending Politics noted, lawfare-supporting, Trump-hating Democrats had no use for Phillips’ post. “Phillips’ call for a pardon largely fell on deaf ears among Democrat voters, many of whom flooded his X account with insults and calls to send the presidential frontrunner to prison,” the website reported.

Yet Phillips defended the move.

“You think pardoning is stupid?” Phillips retorted to his critics, Trending Politics added. “Making him a martyr over a payment to a porn star is stupid. (Election charges are entirely different.) It’s energizing his base, generating record sums of campaign cash, and will likely result in an electoral boost.”

Phillips was proven right.

As the Tampa Free Press reported on Saturday, a Daily Mail poll after the verdict showed that Trump’s favorability jumped six percentage points, including a big four-point gain among independents.

Trump also asserted that his campaign hauled in $53 million in the first 24 hours after the verdict was rendered, with $34 million raised just a couple of hours after the verdict.

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Jurors convicted Trump for allegedly masking as legal fees a $130,000 payment to porn actress Stormy Daniels to buy her silence related to a supposed affair with Trump during the 2016 election.

Gov. Hochul, a Democrat, has said she has no intention of pardoning Trump.  

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