Today, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis is warning Floridians about the pitfalls of crowdfunding websites like “GoFundMe” being used to host online charity scams related to the Ukrainian War. With nearly 1,400 Ukraine relief fundraisers on GoFundMe, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning consumers that before giving to “Ukraine relief” funds, go to BBB’s for tips on how to best help Ukraine relief activities.

Governor Ron DeSantis Signs 15 Bills and Vetoes One Bill

June 28. 2020

By: Staff Report

Tallahassee, Fla. – Saturday, Governor Ron DeSantis signed the following bills:

  • SB 1092 – Fire Prevention and Control
  • SB 1116 – Trust Funds
  • CS/CS/SB 1118 – Inmate Welfare Trust Funds
  • SB 1362 – Rental Agreements
  • CS/HB 131 – Security in Trial Court Facilities
  • CS/HB 437 – Nurse Registries
  • HB 469 – Real Estate Conveyances
  • CS/HB 559 – Institutional Formularies Established by Nursing Home Facilities
  • CS/CS/HB 573 – First Responders and Correctional Officers
  • CS/HB 717 – Space Florida Financing
  • CS/HB 783 – Uniform Commercial Real Estate Receivership Act
  • CS/CS/HB 945 – Children’s Mental Health
  • CS/CS/HB 977 – Motor Vehicles Dealers
  • CS/HB 1005 – Voting Systems
  • CS/CS/HB 1439 – Bank Property of Deceased Account Holders

Governor Ron DeSantis vetoed the following bill:

  • SB 1292 – Public Records (SB 1292 was contingent on the passage of SB 700 – Juvenile Justice, which did not pass the Legislature. Therefore, SB 1292 is a nullity.)

The firefighter-protection bill (SB 1092) had support from state Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis, who serves as the state fire marshal.

Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis

“Floridians depend on their local firefighters every day to come to their aid at a moment’s notice,” Sen. Aaron Bean, a Fernandina Beach Republican who sponsored the measure with Rep. Elizabeth Fetterhoff, R-DeLand, said in a statement after the bill passed in March.

“This bill ensures that we are coming to their aid every day to keep them safe from cancer-causing residue on their equipment.”


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