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Letter – It doesn’t matter what political party you are – Vote for America, She Needs Your Help

FLORIDA, US. – This presidential election is not Trump v Biden or Republican v Democrat. This year, it’s not that simple. This presidential election is so much bigger than any other election in our lifetimes. Unfortunately, most voters are not able to watch or hear all sides of the story because many media outlets have selected Joe Biden as their candidate and will do anything to cover up his misdeeds and push his agenda. America is made up of incredible people, smart people, from all walks of life; yet, for the past four years, these smart people have been cheated by the American media. They have been cheated out of hearing the truth of just how radical the democratic party has become and of just how much President Trump has done for all of us to try to preserve America and all that she stands for.  

The 2020 election is about the radical left’s people and policies v America. There is only one America – the place, the diverse people, the dream, the traditional family values, the freedoms, the opportunities, and the magical idea that created her. I love America much more than I love a political party and I will always vote for what is best for her! This 2020 democratic party is a party of hatred, anger, riots, violence, silencing, corruption and lies; it is no longer the party of my grandparents, parents, and of my own young adulthood.   

This new, radical democratic party has been hijacked by those who are trying their hardest to destroy America and her values. Sadly, the hijackers do not include only our politicians and elected officials; they also include our own media outlets and social media platforms. Only these people and organizations know their own hearts; we may never understand why their hatred of this country is so great. Yet, they believe they are in control, that they have the right to destroy our nation by providing platforms for the lies and deceit to be spread, and technology for the corruption to be buried.  

This 2020 democratic party is the party of silencing all who do not agree, taking away our first amendment rights; promised open borders with free health care for illegals; promised higher corporate taxes that will drive businesses away; the support and encouragement of dangerous sanctuary cities; socialized medicine where our choices will be gone; cheers for the Antifa mobs taking over our cities; calls to dismantle our police forces; Kamala Harris operatives funding bail for violent criminals; abortions up to the moment of birth paid for with our tax dollars; the elimination of fossil fuels which would make us dependent on middle east oil once again; a hiding, frail, confused Joe Biden; a VP candidate who is not qualified to lead this country; and, worst of all, the destruction of everything pro-American, including our storied history and beautiful flag. My father fought for our flag! I am angered at how the radical democrats rioting in our streets have been burning that flag!  

We, the people, need to send a strong message that we will no longer stand for a democratic party that wishes to turn our great America into a socialist nation. We, the people, need to send a strong message that we will no longer stand for a biased media that LIES to us, the people! The only way we can send this message is to vote Donald Trump to another four years as our President. He is the only Washington, DC outsider; he is the only one brave enough to stand up to our adversaries such as China, North Korea, Russia, and our own corrupt politicians. Everyone in Washington DC hates President Trump because he is not one of them. He is so much better than them! He is strong. He is forceful. He is fighting for us as American citizens.   

The media and Joe Biden are trying to blame Trump for Covid-19. Trump didn’t cause the virus, China did! Trump cannot stop the virus, and neither can Biden! What Trump can do, and has done, is to fight back against the virus – HE has pushed to create the treatments and vaccines that will soon save us all. He has fought to keep our country open allowing every American to protect themselves and make their own choices! Joe Biden would not give you that freedom; he does not trust you to protect yourself because the democratic party wants to control you! Don’t let them control you, your thoughts, or your actions!  

We must vote for Donald Trump if we love America! The 2020 democratic party must learn it is too far left, angry, smug, and corrupt to appeal to us. If you happen to be a proud, life-long democrat, a vote against this radical democratic party may seem unimaginable; instead, imagine working together with Donald Trump to preserve America! I have friends from Venezuela and from Cuba – they fled those countries for a better life HERE IN AMERICA. We cannot let Biden/Harris turn America into Cuba or Venezuela! There will be other elections to support the democratic party if/when it returns closer to center and chooses reliable, trustworthy, capable leaders who have American interests at heart.   

If we love this country and want to protect America and all that she stands for, we must stand against Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the radicals among them. If this democratic party wins, our Bill of Rights will be gone, and we will not be America anymore. The 2020 presidential election is truly the radical left’s people and policies v America. We need America to win; the only way that happens is if Biden/Harris loses.

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