Local Subway Owners Say Rapinoe Campaign Derailed Their Business

Pity-poor Subway owners.

First, the sandwich company’s former pitchman was imprisoned on charges of peddling and stockpiling kiddie porn, and traveling cross country to seek sex with underage girls.

Then it was sued for boasting of footlongs that were only 11 inches, and featuring tuna subs that didn’t have tuna, at least not as advertised.

Now, those owners have to contend with Megan Rapinoe, the purple-haired malcontent from the U.S. women’s soccer team who ranks high on the list of Americans who hate America and is known as much for kneeling for the National Anthem as she is for her prowess on the field.

According to Rebel News, which was citing a Business Insider report, Rapinoe, beloved though she may be in left-wing media and political circles, is not a fan fave where everyday Americans go to Subway.

She was hired last month by Subway when it seemed the U.S. women still had a chance to bring home the Olympic gold. The ladies who time and again showed their disrespect for the country that allowed that opportunity, finished with the bronze.

The ad campaign, as Rebel News put it, “flopped.”

“Subway’s partnership with Rapinoe angered franchisees,” Rebel News noted, as some local owners indicated they “were not happy with their parent company’s deal with the anti-American athlete.”

Those owners argued to corporate Subway that Rapinoe’s presence hurt business and equated to “misusing advertising funds by featuring a potentially controversial spokesperson in commercials.”

“Furthermore, customers angered by Rapinoe’s appearance in a recent Subway ad has prompted a boycott of the company, whom they feel has become increasingly out of touch with the people it serves,” Rebel News added.

The website noted that local Subway operators pay a 4.5 percent fee as part of their overall royalty fees to cover the company’s advertising. Yet, “operators do not have any influence on how their ad dollars are spent and are forced to depend on Subway to make the right calls,” Rebel News noted.

Many told Business Insider they are far from happy.

“By knowingly hiring a flashpoint personality to represent the brand with our money, the franchisor has failed,” one said. Another added that he discovered a handwritten sign posted on his front door that said, “Boycott Subway until Subway fires the anti-American.” A third sent the parent company an email asking, “Please end Megan’s commercials” because they were too “polarizing.”

“Franchisees are not making money,” said one local operator said, according to Rebel News, pointing out that hiring Rapinoe reveals how CEO John Chidsey “has lost sight” of the typical Subway. “Somebody gave him the keys to the castle and he’s just destroying it bit by bit,” the franchise owner said.

Meanwhile, Hope Solo, the former goalie of the women’s soccer team, told an interviewer that Rapinoe badgered teammates to go along with her disrespectful behavior.

“I think the kneeling thing can be very divisive,” Solo said. “I’ve seen Megan Rapinoe almost bully players into kneeling because she really wants to stand up for something in her particular way.”

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  1. My girl and I went from 6 sandwiches a week between lunch and dinner to ZERO beginning the very first time we saw that commie piece of crap on TV schlepping Subway. First Jarrod now purple people.

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