Looking for Food with a View? Check out Ruskin’s Sunset Grill!

By: Christine Cassen

Located right on the harbor off of Tampa Bay, Sunset Grill is a beautiful place to dine. From the wonderful sunsets to the amazing location and delicious food, this is easily one of the top places to dine in the area!

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The Restaurant: Views, Vibes, and People
Everyone wants to go to Sunset Grill! In February of 2015, the restaurant made national news after a 39-foot boat crashed into it on a foggy day. People are quite literally running into this place! Sunset Grill really is a great place for all to dine at. Although there are quite a few locals that visit the restaurant, it is a popular spot for tourists to stop at as well. There are visitors from all over the world that come to this restaurant. Sunset Grill is such an incredible location that a couple all the way from Costa Rica has chosen to host their wedding there!

Sunset Grill’s Scott Campbell says that Ruskin is “one of the last few untouched parts of Florida,” and that it is an “exciting time to run a business [there].” The Ruskin area has experienced an upsurge in tourism in recent years, much due to the increased establishment of homes in the area. Ruskin still has much untapped potential, as there are still tomato farms and rural areas that have yet to be touched. Sunset Grill serves as a center for tourists to gather and enjoy great food in a great place. The restaurant offers live music entertainment seven days a week, which is full of energy and fun to watch.

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The restaurant has a place for you to enjoy. If you want a more upscale experience, you can enjoy their indoor restaurant’s banquet room. For those wanting a more laid-back spot to hang out, there are the patio and lounge areas outdoors. These are perfect for those looking for the perfect vacation spot or wanting to grab a bite to eat after spending the day at the beach. The bonfire beach offers guests the chance to experience open bonfires, which are great to attend. Walk out on the pier to see “some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world,” which Florida’s west coast is known for.

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Amazing Food and Drinks
Although Sunset Grill is known for its seafood (their best-seller is the delicious Grouper Oscar), they offer a wide variety of dishes for all to enjoy. The chicken and steak are cooked to perfection, and the chicken wings are fantastic! The Cuban sandwich is delicious as well. They even have flat breads, which are also worth a try! The appetizers are all incredible. From the calamari to fried shrimp, you’ll be sure to start your meal off the right way when you choose an appetizer!

Their draft beers are also a must for your meal. Located right across the bay from St. Petersburg, the third largest craft beer market in the country, Sunset Grill has placed an emphasis on providing quality craft beers to their guests.

Visit the Sunset Grill at http://www.sunsetgrillfl.com

Address:  602 Bahia Del Sol Dr, Ruskin, FL 33570




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  1. I love vacationing here. It’s so close to the electric atmosphere of Tampa but allows me to slow down, smell the ocean breeze and enjoy great food. It’s amazing that this area is still relatively undiscovered. If you haven’t been here, make this piece of paradise your next vacation destination.

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