The Inn at Little Harbor: Ruskin’s Perfect Tropical Getaway Spot

By: Christine Casson

Looking for the perfect place to stay around Ruskin? Perhaps you are looking for the perfect tropical getaway that’s right in your backyard. The Inn at Little Harbor is perfect for this. This inn is a luxurious island-style place to stay that offers you everything you could possibly need for a day, weekend, or more! They offer more than just a hotel to sleep at overnight; you get a full experience. There are some key features that make this hotel the ideal place to stay.

Excellent Customer Service

When you stay at the Inn at Little Harbor, you will have a wonderful experience. Bill Chini, general manager of the hotel, knows that every guest has a reason for booking a stay at the Inn. This is why he and his staff always strive for excellent customer service, ensuring that each guest leaves happy. When you book a stay at the Inn, you will certainly have a great experience and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Amenities and Options

In addition to the hotel rooms, the Inn has a private beach that you may use. You can tan, go in the water, or even rent gear for watersports. This is all private as well, which allows you the security of being able to enjoy the peace of a beach without large crowds; everyone on the beach will be fellow guests enjoying their tropical getaways. If you want more to do than simply lounge on the beach, there are other options. The Inn has both tennis and basketball courts that you can play on. There are also three pools and two hot tubs available for your enjoyment. If you get hungry, there are two restaurants available within the hotel that offer wonderful service, food, and atmospheres. You may also enjoy using the fitness center to stay in top shape throughout your stay. There are also the options of fishing and boating to really let you enjoy the water.

Environment and Surrounding Area

When you book a stay at the Inn, you truly are getting an island getaway experience. Even the hotel rooms are Caribbean-style! The laidback environment will put you at ease and allow you to really love your trip. You are also tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, so you can ensure that you will definitely have a peaceful and quiet stay. However, you’re only about twenty to thirty minutes from the city, so you can also enjoy that if you would like to visit the nearby attractions and such.

Some Final Tips and Tricks

Be sure to check out their website,, as it is updated daily with specials, offers, and packages to allow you to maximize your stay. It is also worth it to come try out a night. You can’t truly experience the peaceful tropical atmosphere unless you get away for the night yourself! If you’re stressed and have been working hard, you deserve a break! Even if you aren’t stressed, the Inn at Little Harbor will provide you with a trip that you will remember forever. The serene atmosphere, many activities to enjoy, and wonderful environment all make a stay at the Inn at Little Harbor a wonderful one.


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