Navisyo scheduled to launch its disruptive business model Summer of 2021

A much needed breath of fresh air for all boat owners and travelers within the Mediterranean region.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 25, 2021 / — Miami, February 18, 2021 – Navisyo announces that the company is priming themselves to launch their marketplace and test selected pilot territories in Europe, more precisely in the Med, as early as this summer 2021. Following a phenomenal success with their Wefunder campaign – – Navisyo seems to be financially set to officially introduce their innovative concept to the world.

“With the latest pandemic ravaging the world – the boating, hospitality and travel industries have taken a huge hit this past year and many have had to close down in the process” says Alexander Michaels, Ceo and co-founder of Navisyo – a U.S. based online booking platform which vouches to bring authentic and affordable boat offers to the international travel community.

“We, at Navisyo, believe that the timing of this crisis is pertinent to us all and offers a unique window of opportunity in addressing many of the challenges that this pandemic will leave behind. Our innovative revenue sharing business model and our post-pandemic customized solutions will not only open up the boating world to travelers, from all walks of life, but will also provide lifetime commission-based royalties to all of our members and participants” affirms Alexander.

As of today, the exact location of these pilot territories remains undisclosed, but Navisyo warrants that they are located in strategic and popular locations within the Mediterranean area.

So a big heads up to all of our fellow travelers looking for a different and safer 'get away’ for this summer – follow Navisyo’s progress and breaking news at

About Navisyo

A peer-to-peer community based booking platform which unites boat owners, from all over the world, with travelers searching for more affordable and safer experiences on the water through 3 distinct categories – Floatel stays (accommodation with or without the boat hosts on board), Voyages (a boat journey from point A to Point B, with the boat hosts) and Events (fun alternative venues on the water).

Navisyo, above all, prides itself in creating the first online “revenue sharing” booking model which allocates lifetime commission-based royalties to all of its users and participants – Ambassadors, travelers, boat owners, marinas and travel agencies to name a few. For the first time ever, no one in the ‘booking process’ is left behind, making it a true win-win for all.

For more information on this revolutionary revenue sharing concept, please visit the Navisyo website at

Alexander Michaels, CEO and Founder


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