Republican Presidential candidate Steve Laffey is responding after the U.S. Energy Department report found that the COVID-19 pandemic likely originated from an accidental lab leak in China.

Op-Ed: Laffey Denounces RNC, Sides With Trump On Disastrous RNC Debate Decisions

Republican Presidential candidate Steve Laffey is responding after the U.S. Energy Department report found that the COVID-19 pandemic likely originated from an accidental lab leak in China.
Opinion By Republican Presidential Candidate Steve Laffey

The RNC has made their decision. They only want the Trump-sycophants-turned-backstabbers to participate in the first debate in Wisconsin. Denying the will of the people, the RNC has decided that unless you have both 40,000 unique contributors and are at 1% in the national polls, they don’t want you on the stage.

Curtailing free speech is an RNC calling card. I know all about it. I’m the only living or dead elected Republican to be attacked by the RNC while running for higher office. In 2006, the RNC spent millions of dollars attacking me, a Reagan Republican, when I ran for the United States Senate. They preferred pro-partial-birth abortion, Lincoln Chafee, a man who stood far to the left of Nancy Pelosi.

The RNC is at it again, trying to quickly narrow the field in order to try to find somebody who can defeat former President Trump. Instead, they should be doing the will of the people and inviting legitimate candidates like me to show the American people that we Republicans understand that our nation must confront our problems.

As a former elected Republican, a financial expert (who has been out of the public eye due to his daughter’s cancer for many years), and the only candidate thus far willing to discuss any real policies or plans to fix our nation, I clearly deserve the chance for my fellow Republicans to hear me debate in Wisconsin.

Former President Trump is also correct to denounce the RNC for putting his and other Republican candidates’ free speech into a straitjacket by demanding a vow from all those on the debate stage to ultimately endorse the Republican nominee.

What if that someone is a danger to our country, someone who holds extreme views that could put our future at risk?

For example, what if one of the candidates was secretly a member of the John Birch Society?

The RNC seemingly doesn’t care, they just demand blind support, much like the totalitarians of the old Soviet Union or the Mussolini Fascists.

I will be at the debate; I’ve already booked my trip to Milwaukee. When President Trump is not present, and if I’m not on the stage, the debate will be full of the former president’s backstabbers – people who he gave jobs to, people who benefitted from his endorsements, people who were once within his inner circle.

Here’s a short list. 

Governor Ron DeSantis. The Florida Governor owes his election to Donald Trump. Ever watch his nutso 2018 ad that aired as he groveled for Trump’s support? Sickening. Now, he attacks the hand that fed him.

Chris Christie. Loved and supported Donald Trump until … oh, yes! Until he didn’t get a job in the White House after Trump’s 2016 Presidential win. Now he’s running to attack Trump with the goal of weakening him. A poster boy for our country’s obesity crisis, he is literally a dead man walking.

Mike Pence. As Vice-President of our great country, he was selected by who? Oh, yes – Donald Trump. Pence seems to like all four years of the Trump presidency … except for one day. After selling his soul as VP to endorse everything Trump did, like increasing the national debt by $8 trillion, he now engages in a backstabbing campaign to try to take his job. Even Nixon never thought to go that far.

Vivek Ramaswamy. He says he’s a “good friend” of Donald Trump. This seems hard to believe. As a self-described practicing Hindu, Ramaswamy seems to downplay that he worships the one god, Brahman, and believes in reincarnation. Heading to South Carolina’s Republican primary on that? Hmm.

Nikki Haley. Hired by President Trump to be the U.N. Ambassador, she is now running against her boss. Haley says she’s entered the race because she is the daughter of Indian immigrants, that her child has trouble buying a house, and another child is writing “woke” papers to get A’s at college. Huh?

The RNC demands that Donald Trump and I endorse their chosen candidate. I just don’t see a winner in that bunch.

Here’s my message to President Trump: You are correct – there is no reason for you to show up at these debates so that these “top contenders” can unsuccessfully attempt to gang up on you. Let me handle it for you.

These so-called candidates have no issues to run on. I do. I am running for President to directly confront our nation’s problems.

Closing our terrible public schools, changing the Federal Reserve to only keep inflation at zero, stopping trade with Communist China, breaking up the banks and ending the corruption in a total plan to restore and revitalize our middle class.

I can handle the backstabbers, the soul-sellers, and the ones who left office with 14% approval ratings. I’ll take care of the mini-Trump wannabes, and then we can discuss how to fix this great country.

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