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Opinion- Joe Biden Holding on For Dear Life as His Campaign Offers Unfruitful Embarrassment

April 24, 2020

By Sarah McCormick

If there’s anybody more entertaining and worthy of media attention during this non-contestable and quite honestly absurd Presidential race, it’s Joe Biden.

Not only is Biden unfit to run for President of the United States – just look at his track record as Vice President and the nothingness that he accomplished then – and then look at what he’s doing now throughout his Presidential race, which is a whole lot more of nothing, but let us not forget he still has some pretty damning claims made against him for sexual misconduct and assault.

biden gaffe video 3399sa

The man can’t even hold a rally with any sort of substance to it. The ‘um’s’, ‘ah’s’, and ‘uh’s’ are so frequent and the stuttering is so prevalent that it’s really hard to keep up on a good day. On most days, however, what is being said is really only able to be deciphered by Sleepy Joe himself. What is audible and able to have sense made of it is pretty confusing. I mean, he really wants us to all be very, very conscious of the fact that he’s got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun. It must be really important for us to know that since he brings it up all the freaking time.

The same way the MSM lied during the election with Trump and Hillary, they are back at it again with their loony fake polls showing Biden with a 6% advantage over Trump in most online polls. But, let’s be honest. The people are waking up. They are making themselves heard. Even those who have been lifelong Democrats have decided to remove their heads from their behinds and vote for the only logical candidate – Donald J. Trump. The polls lie. Plain and simple. Biden is fighting an already lost war for Victory as President. #notgonnahappen

It’s truly a wonder that his wife hasn’t put him out of his misery – both in this election and otherwise – as of yet. You have to ask yourself how any of the Democrats can actually stand behind or support this boob. It seems as though they will stop at nothing to get Donald Trump out of office – that’s really what it all boils down to, isn’t it? A potato could run as their candidate – it wouldn’t make any difference to them; Biden and the potato share about equal bran capacity, with very little variance in IQ. If we had to choose one though, I’d say the potato would probably win for wit and brainpower.

Let us take a look at some of the best moments of Biden’s career.

He told a handicapped, wheelchair-bound man at a rally – Chuck – to stand up. He calls people ‘fatty’ and ‘dog-faced-pony-soldiers’. He threatens to slap people in the face at his rallies, and tells anyone who disagrees with his ludacris opinions that they are ‘full of s-it’. This man lied about being shot in Iraq, people! He was great pals with traitor John McCain. There was a whole lot of corrupt going on – and more than likely still is – involving his son Hunter and Joe himself with Ukraine, with many questions left unanswered.

As for personal characteristics that make him a completely unsavory human being, he sniffs every woman and child within a 1-yard radius. Imagine that, if you will. Some strange cotton-headed man sniffing your hair and rubbing your shoulders. It’s freaking creepy, Joe. He gets all touchy-feely with them and thinks he’s exempt from sexual assault charges and allegations. People feel bad for him because he’s obviously got dementia and so they don’t say anything and let him go about his business of frisking them and having his way. Then there’s the rest of us who don’t care about making him feel bad or putting him in his place because that’s precisely what men like Joe need.

How in the actual hell has this man been involved in politics for 36 years? Can somebody please tell me one thing this buffoon has done? Just one? I’ll wait.

Come November, he can tuck his tail between his legs and retreat, hopefully never to be seen or heard from again. What a joyous day it will be when we no longer have to hear about his Corn Pop, hairy legs, the roaches, kids jumping on his lap, and or the former President’s ‘big stick’.

Give it a rest, Biden. And somebody please, get this man a muzzle.

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