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Pasco County General Election Poll Hours and Preparedness

Pasco County Fla. – Brian E. Corley, Supervisor of Elections, announces the November 3, 2020 General Election Day polling places will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. for qualified voters. Voters are statutorily required to vote in the precinct in which they reside and present photo and signature ID when voting or vote a provisional ballot. Vote-by-Mail ballots may be surrendered at the polls but may not be dropped off at polling locations for counting.  The only vote-by-mail drop off locations on Election Day are the three Supervisor of Elections’ Offices.

Voters may check their registration status prior to voting at and are advised to know their polling location in advance. This information is on your voter information card or online at  Due to the pandemic, some polling locations may have changed.  Those voters have been notified and were sent new Voter Information Cards.  Voters who moved and didn’t update their address prior to Election Day can save time by calling 1-800-851-8754 before going to the polling place to vote.

Voters may experience longer lines and wait times due to higher voter turnout, and as a result of CDC-recommended measures for the health and safety of voters and poll workers such as social distancing, limiting the number of voters inside the polling location, and continuous cleaning of equipment and surfaces.  The use of masks is strongly encouraged in keeping with the county mask requirement directive, and as a courtesy to poll workers and other voters.

“Reminding everyone what’s required on Election Day ensures a smoother voting experience,” said Supervisor Corley.  “The combination of high voter turnout and administering elections during a pandemic has brought some challenges, but our goal, as usual, is to provide the best service possible to the voters of Pasco County.”

Florida Statutes (Section 101.031(2)) delivers instructions to voters and establishes a Voter’s Bill of Rights and Voter Responsibilities.  Pursuant to statutes, copies of these are posted in all polling places on Election Day. 

They can be viewed beforehand online at

Voters are encouraged to read their sample ballot beforehand and to take it with them to the polls. Unvoted vote-by-mail ballots may not be used as sample ballots.  Per Florida Statutes, voted Vote-by-Mail ballots may not be returned at the polls. The only vote-by-mail drop off locations on Election Day are the three Supervisor of Elections’ Offices.

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