Texas National Guard, Border (Texas Gov)

Poll: More Democrats Believe Securing Ukraine’s Border Is Priority Over America’s Border

Texas National Guard, Border (Texas Gov)
Texas National Guard, Border (Texas Gov)

One cannot be blamed for believing that President Joe Biden cares more about Ukraine’s sovereignty and border than that of the nation he governs.

In recent days, Biden’s X account has been filled with calls for and criticism of House Republicans not immediately considering the “national security” bill, as Biden calls it, that funnels another $60 billion in U.S. military aid to Ukraine.

Biden and other Democrats also seek to pressure critics by asserting that Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to extend the 2-year-old war beyond Ukraine with possible attacks on NATO allies.

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That message from the left-wingers in the White House and Congress seems to be filtering down to everyday liberals in the Democratic Party.

The conservative Media Research Center reported on Wednesday about the results of a new Rasmussen Reports poll that revealed a majority of Democrats value securing Ukraine’s border over securing America’s.

The MRC noted that the pollster asked two simple questions:

  1. “How important is it for the United States to send military aid to Ukraine?”
  2. “How important is it for the United States to secure its borders?”

“While more than half (54%) of Democrats say that providing aid to Ukraine is ‘very important,’ just 47% say it’s very important to secure the nation’s borders,” the MRC reported.

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Democrats’ support for Ukraine outpaced the 53% who said it was “very important” to help Ukraine and secure the U.S. border.

On the other hand, in what might be a signal to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other GOP moderates, Republican voters were “far more likely” to think U.S. border security is paramount.

Overall, 80% of GOP respondents said protecting America was more important than funding Ukraine’s war effort. On that issue, only 20% of GOP voters agreed.

Among all likely voters in the poll, 87% responded that it was at least “somewhat” important to secure the U.S. border, including 63% who thought it is “very” important. Again, that would be driven by Republicans.

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On the other hand, 64% said it was at least “somewhat” important to help Ukraine, while 36% claimed it was “very” important to do so, which was driven up by Democrats.

Yet 85% of those who believe funding Ukraine is not all that important think it is “essential” to secure America’s border.

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