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President Trump’s Pastor Paula White Eye-opening New Book Pulls Back the Curtain on Paula White

President Donald Trump and his spiritual advisor Paula White

President Trump's pastor Paula White bows to Unification church leader, Mother Hak Ja Han Moon

Paula White bows to Mother Hak Ja Han Moon

President Trump's Pastor, Paula White the miracle-selling huckster who became the spiritual advisor to the world's most powerful man.

SPRING HILL, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — President Trump’s Pastor, Paula White, the miracle-selling huckster who became the spiritual advisor to the world’s most powerful man, is the latest book by author Susan Puzio. Susan is an author, church reformer, Christian apologist, and internet radio talk show host. In her latest book President Trump’s Pastor, Paula White, Susan pulls back the curtain on a “heretic of the worst kind.”
“I wrote this book to help the public better understand Paula White, former President Trump’s spiritual advisor,” says Susan. “I think people will be shocked to learn how Mrs. White-Cain – a self-proclaimed apostle used questionable financial practices and hurt regular people to climb her way to the top.”

Paula White a longtime friend of President Trump continues to serve as his spiritual advisor and according to her as his pastor. Recruiting Evangelicals for another possible run at the Presidency in 2024, White-Cain acts as a public relations contact or bridge to the evangelical world, although her public persona is riddled with controversy.

Married three times and once investigated by the Senate Finance Committee headed by Senator Grassley, White-Cain is a controversial pick. The Grassley investigation ended without holding any of the ministries involved accountable for possibly misusing donations to fund their lavish lifestyles.

She and her ex-husband Randy White took in over $100,000,000. Yet the ministry later filed for bankruptcy in 2014. Paula resigned from “Without Walls Church” in 2012 as the walls were collapsing, ending in the property being bulldozed in 2015, millions of dollars in debt.

Paula headed to Apopka, Florida, to become the Pastor of New Destiny Christian Center after the death of its founder, where she has a lifetime appointment as pastor, she cannot be removed. Her son Bradley Knight will be appointed if she passes away. Her salary in a 2014 tax filing was over $646,000. more than the president of the United States.

She was appointed by Trump in 2019 to head the Faith and Opportunity Initiative and now she serves as chair of the Center for American Values at AFPI or America First Policy Institute.
To true-blue, no-nonsense Evangelicals, Paula White is a gospel huckster, using unconventional fundraising techniques to fund her luxurious lifestyle.

Selling miracles is one of Paula White’s favorite ways of taking advantage of hurting people. She routinely promises them healings, financial windfalls, and spiritual protection from enemies seen and unseen in lieu of “sowing a financial seed.”

Her husband is Jonathan Cain who achieved fame as the keyboard player for the rock band Journey and he now serves with her as “Minister Jon.”

Paula now can also be seen and heard along with President Trump as a speaker for “Mother Hak Ja Han Moon” wife of the now-deceased Sun Myung Moon, the former leader, and self-proclaimed Messiah of the Unification Church at her various conferences.

To learn more about Susan or to purchase President Trump’s Pastor Paula White it is available on Amazon.

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