Rep. Matt Gaetz Of Florida Visits Iowa In Support Of President Donald J. Trump

Rep. Matt Gaetz Of Florida Seeks Answers From Delta CEO About Migrant Flights From The Border

Rep. Matt Gaetz Of Florida Visits Iowa In Support Of President Donald J. Trump
Rep. Matt Gaetz Of Florida Visits Iowa In Support Of President Donald J. Trump

Rep. Matt Gaetz on Friday demanded that the head of Delta Air Lines explain why and for whom his company is ferrying illegal immigrants around the country.

In a letter to Delta CEO Ed Bastion, the Fort Walton Beach Republican noted that Congress has a strong interest in knowing what “arrangements” his company may have with the Biden administration or any non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that allow illegals at the southern border to “book and travel” to areas in the interior of the country.

The issue came to light earlier this week when conservative journalist Ashley St. Clair posted a video on X of illegals lined up at the Phoenix airport for a flight to New York City. She was traveling on Delta and company officials refused to explain what was happening.

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St. Clair noted that when she asked one employee about it, he replied, “What does it matter? They’re humans too.”

In his letter to Bastion, Gaetz noted that NGOs often receive federal grants to operate, which made it possible that some groups are using taxpayer funding to transport illegal migrants.

“Even more alarming than American taxpayers footing the bill for non-resident aliens to be transported into our communities is that they may not be properly vetted,” the GOP congressman added.

Gaetz wrote that another concern is that the Transportation Security Administration may be accepting “alternate” forms of identification from the illegals that meet a “weaker standard” than Americans must provide when flying.

The congressman asked Bastion to explain:

  • How many illegals Delta has transported since Joe Biden became president
  • How NGOs buy tickets for Delta flights
  • If Delta has received any financial incentives or other benefits from the Biden administration to conduct these flights
  • If TSA has told Delta what forms of ID are acceptable for illegals traveling on its planes

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“It is of the utmost importance and of great concern for national security that you are transparent in discussing these arrangements with Congress,” Gaetz wrote to Bastion.

“The American people and their elected representatives must be made aware of how the cooperation between federal agencies, NGOs, and Delta Air Lines impacts our national security.”

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