Republican-Led Audit In Arizona Has Raised $5.7 Million In Private Donations

Andrew Trunsky 

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The firm hired to conduct an audit of the 2020 presidential election in Arizona’s Maricopa County reported raising nearly $6 million in private donations meant to help fund the effort.

Cyber Ninjas, a private contracting firm from Florida that is leading the effort, said that it raised $5.7 million, the majority of which came from five groups that backed debunked claims made by former President Donald Trump that the election was stolen. Their announcement was first reported by The Washington Post.

Arizona’s Republican-led state Senate also devoted $150,000 in taxpayer money to finance the effort, but most of the controversial firm’s work has been driven by those who believe that the election was stolen.

One group headed by One America News host Christina Bobb reportedly gave over $600,000 to the audit. Bobb recently asked viewers to donate to the effort while on air, according to the Post.

Republicans voted to proceed with the audit in April despite multiple recounts and inspections that determined that the election was free of widespread voter fraud, the Post reported. President Joe Biden flipped Maricopa County, home to Phoenix, and thus narrowly beat Trump in the state to become the first Democrat to win there since 1996.

The audit has been harshly criticized by Republicans and Democrats alike. The Republican-dominated Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has repeatedly blasted the audit, often contradicting its questionable claims.

The Department of Justice said in May that the audit may be violating federal election law, and Maricopa County officials said they would scrap their voting machines after Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs wrote that the audit may have made them a risk to election security.

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4 Replies to “Republican-Led Audit In Arizona Has Raised $5.7 Million In Private Donations”

  1. Andrew Trunsky, why write an article with all of this “we know nothing is here” data from the main stream media? The audit is ongoing, and when it ends we’ll know the truth. The truth is what Americans want. Not the verbal and unsubstantiated narrative that there was no election fraud. There was. So, let’s leave it at that, and move forward.

  2. A Federal Republic is about the people. Had the election results been validated in each state by professional independent forensic experts this unrest would not exist. If there was a united front from our leaders to pursue the truth for us & our confidence in the process this unrest would cease. Many countries validate their elections. It is not political, it is expected. In this country for some reason it is a fight to examine machines and ballots post election. Why?

  3. The communists consider the leftists useful idiots. Once they finish bringing the U.S. into civil war, they will use them as cannon fodder. It’s not about who “wins”, but who’s left.

  4. “Debunked” claims that the election was stolen? Debunked by whom? By the people who stole it?

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