Rubio and 10 House Republicans demand to know how Biden administration will “monitor” Florida’s parental rights’ law, and if it believes K-3 students should be subjected to classroom discussions about sexuality and gender identity

Sen. Rubio Calls For End To Tax Breaks For Woke Companies Using Taxpayer-Funded Loopholes To Pay For Abortion, “Gender-Affirming” Care

In the wake of last week’s leaked Supreme Court opinion signaling Roe v. Wade may be overturned, meaning states could decide abortion policies for themselves, some Fortune 500 types began offering their employees a new perk.

Amazon, Tesla, Citigroup, Uber, and Levi Strauss, among others, announced they would pay for employees who wanted to travel out of red states, where abortion restrictions were likely to be heavier, and send them to pregnancy-ending paradises such as California and New York, where there will be almost no restrictions on the procedure.

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio objects to that. Last week, he called for a quick end to what he referred to as “abortion tourism.”

In a column written for Newsweek, Rubio argued, “Apparently, flying the right flag at the office and saying the right things at cocktail parties are no longer sufficient for maintaining woke status. In the contest between common sense and crazy, corporate elites have gone full crazy.”

Besides abortion tourism, Rubio wrote, Disney, fresh off the rebuke it got from Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and GOP lawmakers after it announced its opposition to the Parental Rights in Education law, intends to assist its employees to “secure gender transition ‘care’ for their children.”

“While the radical Left drives this insanity, the law enables it,” noted Rubio. Accordingly, the U.S. tax code has no provision prohibiting these companies “from deducting abortion and gender transition costs.”

“As a result, these corporations may be able to help their employees kill their unborn children or transition their son into a daughter tax-free!”

“This has to change,” Rubio continued.

“Businesses should not receive tax breaks for radical leftist activism, especially when that activism jeopardizes our children. Our tax code should encourage family formation and promote a culture of life. Instead, it too often encourages subsidies for the murder of unborn babies and the performance of horrific ‘medical’ treatments on kids.”

The second-term senator announced he was filing a bill declaring that these procedures are not “ordinary,” tax-deductible employee-related expenses.

But that, Rubio said, is insufficient.

“To make real, lasting headway, we also need to change corporate culture. Today, executives view themselves as leaders of the global progressive movement. Whether because they truly believe the insanity or because they’d rather side with leftist activists than feel their wrath on social media, they have embraced all the darkest elements of the woke creed,” he added.

“These corporations, and others like them, should not look to the Republican Party for support,” Rubio argued. “Public policy should be used to strengthen families, not woke executives. We must work to strip the latter of undeserved benefits while empowering the former.”

To do that, he recommended further expanding the child tax credit, shielding children from “leftist indoctrination” in public schools, and doing “everything possible” to prevent harm to children, “born and unborn.”

“Eliminating unjust tax breaks for radical corporate activism is one step in the right direction. Business and good government don’t have to be at odds. But if executive elites think they can force the rest of the country to support their insane policies, they have another thing coming,” Rubio concluded.

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