Sisumoi: An Inspiring Brand With A Purpose And The Mother/Daughter Duo Behind It

Sisumoi Founders Barbara Tyler Ahlfield and Daughter Alexandra Ahlfield

Sisumoi is designed to empower, uplift, and bring beauty to lifestyle products established by duo Barbara Tyler Ahlfield and Alexandra Ahlfield.

We hope to act as an incubator and spread peace and goodwill throughout the world. Our gifts are designed to inspire, comfort and serve everyday life.”

— Barbara Tyler Ahlfield, Sisumoi

NEW YORK, NY, USA, November 14, 2020 / — 2020 has impacted nearly every part of our global humanity. Some of those ways have made us stronger, and some have created a vacancy where our stable and predictable lives once lived. “The New Normal” is not what we would have signed up for and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed thinking about the future. Even though no one has escaped the negative impact and changes COVID has impressed on our everyday lives, we are ushering in a new season with the time and weather changes. The season of giving.

This time of year ushers in 14 religious holidays spanning the world’s major religions, as well as Pagan beliefs, all beginning in November. This brings a welcome chance for humanity to focus less on division and more on how we can give back. We all need the spirit of generosity to be alive and well. This three-month capsule of giving, introspection, and valuing our fellow man is crucial for the world, especially in these challenging times.

The products we buy this season have a chance to create a positive impact, not only for the businesses we choose to invest in but how those gifts can bring hope and healing to others. “As we bask in the comfort of our homes, the time is ripe for sharing gifts with friends and family. The next three months are a powerful chance to truly impact the world. Not only with our gifts, but with how we empower others to recognize the power of their gifts,” says, Sisumoi co-founder, Alexandra Ahlfield.

Sisumoi is known for the values it stands for and the mission it strives to fulfill. The company is driven to create a community of leaders dedicated to their dreams and who inspire others to activate their gifts through their “Sisu”. “Sisu” is an ancient Finnish term for a universal capacity of strength to overcome extreme adversity and challenge. Sisumoi hosts interviews with Sisu leaders monthly to share their stories of perseverance to motivate others to rise above their own adversities into their best and gifted self. This outstanding venture aims to stand as a constant reminder for people not to lose sight of their paths and to continue living their gifts amidst the countless mental, physical, and spiritual setbacks of life.

This year, giving back is more important than ever and Sisumoi has partnered with, an organization dedicated to promoting peace awareness through the arts. This holiday season has a unique chance to impact the true healing depth of giving. This has been a difficult year, and we are not able to get out and shop the way we normally do. Empowering customers to see how giving back can impact others and help us all be part of healing the world in this hard time, is a core part of Sisumoi’s message.

As we all begin our holiday shopping, Sisumoi is preparing to launch a new product series that will empower and inspire the buyer with a positive message and a generous heart. Their designs of fashion illustrations and fine art oil paintings that appear on all of the products are from an archive of 40 years of artistic expression. This hand-drawn art from Sisumoi’s own award-winning artist, Barbara Ahlfield, is straight from the galleries to the streets and re-purposed in today’s modern world in a way that gives back. With almost 200 products covering all your home and design needs, you can find the perfect gift to inspire those you love.
“We are entering the end of an epic year in terms of a slower-paced and reflective last 8 months. We hope to act as an incubator and spread peace and goodwill throughout the world. Our gifts are designed to inspire, comfort, and serve everyday life. By combining art and fashion, we bring together the components of culture and utility for your everyday life.

From wall clothing in the form of grouped framed fashion prints to woven blankets as beautiful as antique tapestries, each item brings hope and expression of its own. Also, we have two Christmas Card Selections based on award-winning department store art, and of course, for our animal friends, seasonal hoodies to keep our fur babies warm and toasty.

We truly believe Art can help heal the world. The true organic gifts we can give are not lost. They just need to be rediscovered.” Says, Sisumoi co-founder and brand artist, Barbara Tyler Ahlfield.

Since its establishment, Sisumoi has garnered acclaim for its emphasis on excellence and quality. Giving each step of the design process the time and intention necessary to create products that foster inspiration and recognition of one’s gifts. From the image selection, placement, and color palette, each product is built to maintain the integrity and print quality of what it represents. Each product acts as a reminder of each person’s gifts and how those gifts can be used to give back to the world.

Are you ready to step out in faith, empower your loved ones, not just with words, but with gifts that provide meaning? Are you ready to support small businesses and create even more abundance for our hurting world? As each of us goes into the new year, let us embrace the chance to bring hope, take the leap of faith and be more open and grateful for our gifts, and how we can support others in learning, accepting, and sharing their own.

Learn more about Sisumoi by visiting their website

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