Metallic Tattoos

Temporary Metallic Tattoos For Spring

Metallic Tattoos
Metallic Tattoos (TFP File)

Body art will never go out of style, but there is one thing holding people back: permanent tattoos. While beautiful, there are too many horror stories of tattoo removals or cover-ups after permanent tattoo art goes awry. D’inked is a documentary that follows the story of a man removing a sleeve of colored tattoos, and it’s just one show of many.

Imagine the difficult decision you have to make trusting whatever you permanently ink onto your body now, will be something the future you still likes. It’s a  huge gamble, and we change like the seasons.

So with spring in the air, why not try a temporary Metallic Tattoo to get that tattoo fix but without permanent commitment. Sounds too good to be true? It’s too good not to try out.

Celebrity after celebrity has been spotted using temporary tattoos to mimic minimalist jewelry or compliment metal jewelry like chokers or the popular chunky gold jewelry chains. There are just so many ways to wear perfect temporary tattoos, especially in spring.

We want to cover 3 of the best ways to wear temporary Metallic Tattoos from incredible shops like Topical Tattoo. You’d never believe that these ornately designed temporary tattoos are hand-made, waterproof, and perfect for music festivals, cosplay outfits, beach days, and even date nights out.

3 of the Best Ways to Wear Metallic Temporary Tattoos in Spring

The first thing you’ll do when you receive your package of temporary metallic tattoos is open it and admire the shine. You might trace your fingers over the outline of each one and imagine what to wear them with.

 What’s so incredible about these metallic tattoos is how versatile they are. You can use them discreetly to compliment your jewelry, making them look like part of the collection. Or you can go all out, like for a music festival and place them all over your body.

1. How to Wear Temporary Tattoos for a Date Night Out

To keep things simple, yet beautiful, we recommend the 5 sheets of Temporary Gold and Silver Tattoos for your date night out. There’s a strip of beautiful, minimalist gold chain links that can sit around the wrists like bracelets. You could also try the other variety of geometric shapes and plant inspired gold patterns and place them at the collarbone or in strips around the upper arm or as chokers.

2. How to Wear Temporary Tattoos for a Beach Day

The solid white 5 pack of temporary tattoos by Topical Tattoos are just beautiful. On a beach day they compliment the skin whether it’s already a dark, chocolaty hue or it’s getting tanner in the heat of the sun. The creamy white patterns lay beautifully against sun-kissed skin anywhere on the body: arms, wrists, belly button, neck and back. To get creative, you can apply these over permanent tattoos already on the body. They can embellish the permanent tattoo look and make things fun!

3. How to Wear Temporary Metallic Tattoos for a Music Festival 

Gasparilla music festival anyone? It just wouldn’t be complete without an incredible look to compliment the musical scene. We love the temporary solid black tattoos or the gold and silver metallic tattoos for music events. You can mix and match various geometric shapes, stand alone concepts like angel wings or cute golden pineapples, and strips of gorgeous grecian looking tiny  black tiles for a perfect music festival vibe.

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