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The MXA Group Celebrates SDG Champion, The DO School Asia, and its One-Year Anniversary

The DO School Asia One-Year Anniversary (DO School, Wheelock, The MXA Group, InvestHK and Global Citizen Capital)

Kenneth Kwok of The MXA Group and Global Citizen Capital

Kenneth Kwok of The MXA Group and Global Citizen Capital

Joe Wong of GO Logistics and Storage (GOLS) and The MXA Group

Joe Wong of GO Logistics and Storage (GOLS) and The MXA Group

The DO School Asia unveils a 2021 We Emerge Action Agenda co-created with diverse global leaders on how we empower the SDGs to emerge stronger from this crisis.

Our Asia campus is a linchpin of our work in Asia Pacific and Europe, and our platform encourages local solutions on the ground as we innovate for building back a better future on a global scale.”

— Dr. Anson Wong, Chief Executive of The DO School Asia

HONG KONG, CHINA, November 16, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — To mark its one-year anniversary, The DO School Asia unveils a 2021 We Emerge Action Agenda co-created with diverse global leaders on how we emerge stronger from this crisis – as individuals, as businesses, as societies, and as planet.

The DO School's We Emerge initiative brings together 150 leading authorities like Dr. Jane Goodall DBE, business leaders such as Douglas Woo, Kenneth Kwok, Al Cook and Pia Heidenmark-Cook, societal leaders like Lambert Hogenhout, as well as 850 innovators and entrepreneurs from around the globe to determine how we emerge stronger from this crisis.

After the success of the virtual We Emerge Week in October, the We Emerge initiative is now coming to Hong Kong to provide Hong Kong leaders the opportunity to add their perspective. To celebrate The DO School’s first anniversary of its Asia campus, it will unveil key items from the We Emerge Action Agenda identified for Asia that will determine its activities in 2021. These key items are largely shaped by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and include the following:

– Supporting start-ups and innovators: Across the globe, start-ups and SMEs are suffering from the economic implications of the pandemic. At the same time, we need new innovators to create solutions for the societal challenges we all witness. The DO School and its partners is thus driving forward various initiatives to strengthen innovators and enable them to develop and implement new solutions to emerge stronger from the pandemic.

– New green business: Many businesses are dealing with the negative impact Covid-19 has on our economies. But at the same time, forward-looking companies are using the chance to rebuild for a greener economy thereby creating new competitiveness for their business. The DO School will continue to support its partners in this transformation.

– Upskilling the workforce: The World Economic Forum estimates that 1 in 2 employees requires up-skilling in order to thrive in our transforming economy. It is crucial now to enable professionals to successfully work remotely, stay resilient and healthy, be able to manage complexity and lead effectively. The DO School has developed a series of We Emerge Skills training sessions in 2021 that will help teams perform and stay healthy.

The We Emerge action agenda for 2021 commits to generating a lively startup and innovation scene in Hong Kong, a renewed commitment to green business, and training and development programs for Hong Kong’s workforce to boost resilience and effectiveness.

“We were thrilled by the feedback, solutions, new coalitions and concrete next steps generated during We Emerge Week and now look forward to driving as many of the ideas and solutions forward in Hong Kong and Asia over the coming months.” Florian Hoffmann, Founder, The DO School

“The #BeTheDO philosophy of the DO School is what is needed to motivate, empower and elevate the financial and social communities in Hong Kong and rest of Asia to form meaningful partnerships. Let us get GOING on social good, as natural as hydrating the body, on a daily basis.” Kenneth Kwok, Co-Founder, The MXA Group and Founder and CEO, Global Citizen Capital

“In partnership with the DO School, MXA has been able to leverage our investee company NTuple’s proprietary technology, SyncTree, in Hong Kong to assist companies to achieve their digital transformation objectives simply and sustainability. A better solution for APIs and system integration is provided and we hope to further this collaboration in 2021.” Joe Wong, Founder of GO Logistics and Storage (“GOLS”) and Co-Founder, The MXA Group

Founded in 2013 by Florian Hoffmann and Katherin Kirschenmann, The DO School is an award winning social business enabling companies and individuals to thrive in a purposeful economy. The DO School brings together leading organizations, world-renowned experts and talented impact entrepreneurs from 100+ countries to champion new ways of co-creation and problem-solving. The DO School is headquartered in Berlin with offices in Hamburg, New York and Hong Kong and has facilitated engagements in 50+ countries for over 50,000 participants to date.

Co-Founded in 2018 by a team of investment banking professionals including Fian Lau, Joe Wong, Jason Lam and Kenneth Kwok, MXA aspires to create seamless integration of interconnectedness across five key industries: healthcare, renewables, education, technology and logistics. An advocate for the United Nations and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, MXA is active in embracing three core values as we support companies and individuals on their respective SDG Journeys: Create, Sustain and Regenerate.

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