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Trump Offers Garland Advice On Finding Supreme Court Leaker

For weeks now, radical left-wing mobs have terrorized conservative Supreme Court justices outside their homes, with one potential gunman being arrested and charged with attempted murder after stalking Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Meanwhile, some like-minded domestic terrorists have firebombed and vandalized more than 40 churches and crisis pregnancy centers in the name of ending pregnancies before their term.

Yet Attorney General Merrick Garland, the FBI that serves under him, or the U.S. Marshals, and the security team inside the nation’s highest court all seem unable to get at who triggered all of this violence: The staffer at the Supreme Court who leaked Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

Former President Donald Trump gave Garland some advice Wednesday.

“The U.S. Supreme Court MUST find, reveal, and punish the ‘Leaker.’ Very easy to do – Go to the reporter who received the leak,” Trump said on Truth Social, the social media platform he founded.

“This is a tremendously serious matter that has never happened, to anywhere near this extent, before. The Court will be compromised and demeaned until this very big problem is solved!”

Those reporters are Josh Gerstein and Alexander Ward of Politico. Their story was published on May 2, and it seems that nearly seven weeks later, the Biden administration cannot figure out which court employee either provided them Alito’s draft or gave it to someone who did – much like former FBI director James Comey used a friend to leak material to The New York Times about the Russia-collusion hoax that ensnared Trump.

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There is one drawback to Trump’s suggestion: the First Amendment.

Unless they volunteer to step up, before someone gets hurt or killed, the reporters don’t have to reveal their sources.

And even if subpoenaed by a court, Politico’s lawyers would drag it out, even if it meant letting their clients sit in jail for a while.

The difference is that President Joe Biden was once part of an administration that notoriously surveilled and threatened reporters for failing to disclose leaks.

Former President Barack Obama’s administration seized without warning computer and cellphone records of Associated Press reporters it considered unfriendly, and surveilled Times reporter James Risen and James Rosen of Fox News, threatening both with jail.

Ironically, all of that was done in pursuit of leakers.

As libertarian columnist Ted Galen Carpenter wrote in February 2021, Obama “waged a robust campaign to harass and intimidate journalists, even mainstream journalists, who utilized leaked material.”

“It’s … essential to note that the number two official in the Obama administration is now president of the United States,” continued Carpenter. “There is no evidence that, during his tenure as vice president, Joe Biden opposed any of the abuses. That track record does not bode well for his likely policies with respect to a free press.”

Unless, of course, Biden’s intent now is to protect abortion — no matter who may get killed in the process.

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