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UF Researchers Seek Survey Input From AG And Marine Industry Reps

August 21, 2020

By: Jim Frankowiak

HILLSBOROUGH, Fla. -Researchers from the University of Florida (UF) are conducting a second round of surveys on the effects of COVID-19’s impact on the Sunshine States’ agriculture and marine industries, particularly regarding the most recent period of the pandemic.

The industry groups targeted and survey access are as follows:

  1. Agriculture and aquaculture production (broadly defined to include crop production, forestry/timber, nursery, and greenhouse operations, agritourism, beekeeping, etc.); survey: tinyurl.com/uflsurvey-round2-agaquaculture
  2. Commercial fishing; survey: tinyurl.com/uflsurvey-round2-fishing
  3. Charter/For-hire operations; survey: tinyurl.com/uflsurvey-round2-charter
  4. Seafood wholesale dealers; survey: tinyurl.com/uflsurvey-round2-seafood
  5. Marine recreation support businesses; survey: tinyurl.com/uflsurvey-round2-recreation

Survey questions have been refined to make easier for respondents to complete the survey while providing information necessary for a detailed valuation of losses.

uf research

In addition to the survey, there is an ongoing collaboration between UF and Florida A&M University to conduct interviews with professionals in all segments of the food industry from input suppliers, to producers and processors, to restaurant owners. Industry professionals in agriculture or food-related sectors interested in sharing their stories and experiences are encouraged to contact David Outerbridge, Lee County Extension Director, via email at douterbridge@ufl.edu or by phone: 239/533-7512.

Individuals representing listed industry segments are encouraged to complete the surveys at their earliest convenience.

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