2020 Presidential Election Polling Map

2020 US Election Results As The Nation Waits, Race’s Tighten

President Trump and former VP Joe Biden have secured projected wins in several states, but races in Alaska, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, and North Carolina have not yet been called. Arizona was just called for Joe Biden.

2020 Presidential Election Polling Map

Alaska would be 3-electroal votes for the winner and currently, 50% of the vote has been counted. President Trump has a comformatble lead with 188,602 vs. Biden as 63,992

Arizona has been called for Joe Biden. The votes count stands at Biden 1,469,341 and Trump at 1,400,951, with 88% of the vote counted.

Pennsylvania is another race that has tightened, but in favor of Joe Biden. Trump leads the race 3,215,983 and Biden coming in at 3,051,565. The state is reporting 89% of votes counted. Trump lead this state yesterday by over 400,000 votes. All eyes on Pennslyvania.

At 75% votes counted, Nevada has Joe Biden with 588,252 and President Trump at 580,605, as counting continues.

Georgia is reporting 99% of all votes counted and Trump leads remains, but its tight. Trump is at 2,432,799 and Biden 2,414,651.

North Carolina has almost completed their ballot counting with 94% reporting. President Trump leads 2,732,084 to Biden’s 2,655,383.

These results are as of 9:30 AM on Thursday November 5th 2020. We will monitor and update throughout the day.

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