‘Women For Trump’ Makes a Stop in Clearwater Today

CLEARWATER, Fla.- The “Women for Trump” tour bus rolled into Clearwater Saturday, to a crowd at the Republican Party-Pinellas County field office.

State of Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody Speaking to the Crowd in Clearwater Saturday. SOURCE: TFP

“We are energized,” said Stacey Larew of Pinellas County, “We are no longer the silent majority. We are loud and ready for the November victory.”

“We are going to fight for America until the end,” said Mercedes Schlapp, the president’s senior campaign adviser.

Schlapp was part of the “Women for Trump” bus tour, that stopped in Clearwater today. A Cuban-American, Schlapp said the Latino vote is critical to both candidates, but not a necessity to win the election.

“We have seven different scenarios that we are looking at,” Schlapp said. “Some of them don’t include Florida. While we want to win Florida, we think we will win Florida. There’s no question in my mind that we will win Florida. We have several ways to get to 270.”

Some of the well-known figures that were part of the tour stop in Clearwater Saturday included:

  • State of Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody
  • Former State of Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi
  • Katrina Campins, Starred on NBC’s ‘The Apprentice’
  • Mercedes Schlapp, Senior Advisor for the Trump-Pence campaign

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