Antifa fighting Patriots

If Twitter is a Litmus Test, America Is Screwed

Holy hell, do you look at tweets? Twitter? Personally, I don’t put much stock in any social media post/posts/tweets, but damn, people are packed with hate these days, especially politically. Literal hate.

The division among Americans is now at a level that threatens to destroy this country. Some believe that this is because of partisanship, but one could argue that extreme partisanship is merely a symptom of a deeper underlying problem and I don’t think Mr. (Fred) Rogers himself could fix this divide.

Language Alert’ on some tweets from American Citizens on Sunday morning:

“We either say goodbye to him: to a man who is so far beneath the privilege of leading America—or we say goodbye to America. Those are the options,” says a tweet.

“#MAGAIsCancelled, you fucking pussies! Don’t you get it? #WeirdoTrump lost and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. So keep getting bullshit trends like #FightForTrump going so we can drown them out with the same truth that you idiots can’t handle. It’s fucking over,” says another educated American.

“We cannot celebrate until we secure the 2 senate seats in GA! #MAGAIsCancelled,” in another.

“I told antifa not to bring that shit to red areas. Republicans are not afraid to hit back,” in reference to the video below.

“The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears.” Our country has been paying the price for 4 years. It time for Trump & his enablers to face some consequences. #MAGAIsCancelled #WeirdoTrump #TrumpMeltdown,” says another tweet.

“Only the most dedicated have what it takes to HOLD THE LINE. Good thing you didn’t TAKE THE OATH… you’d be FAILING MISERABLY. That’s ok… Digital Soldiers got your 6…”

“Dear Democrats & MSM, Trending #MAGAIsCancelled this morning isn’t going to stop our movement. & Dear @GOP, take notice that only @realDonaldTrump can turn out these types of numbers, so you better #FightForTrump,”

“This is called a movement ladies and gents And they are telling us @realDonaldTrump lost? Do they really think we’re that stupid? #FightForTrump#HoldTheLine#NeverConcede”

The video says it all. So, what happens next? Where do we go?

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