LeisurePay Announces Partnership and New Banking Options for Minority Run Businesses

Leisure Pay

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — LeisurePay operates as a closed loop blockchain payment and merchant account ecosystem with over $2 Billion in merchant processing volume. Behind the unprecedented success of LeisurePay is a decentralized protocol for Chargeback, Refunds, and Agent Agreements by creating the first decentralized platform that interacts with the Binance Smart Chain for settling disputes using RCC, ECI, and Credit Cards. Founder Chad Elie is a maverick in the industry. His past mult-million-dollar deals include Pokerstars, Viacom, and DirecTV, and before the age of 30, Chad owned the largest Check 21 processor in North America. Now, he has turned his expertise to extending transparent and fair banking practices for all.

The forward-thinking banking system is proud to announce its partnership with the first wholly owned Black Acquiring bank. LeisurePay adds there are only 19 Black-owned banks in America and LeisurePay is paying it forward by investing in minority-run business. Through this partnership,
LeisurePay intends to impact Black-owned businesses by offering an alternative by forging a new path in the banking industry.

Between February and April of 2020, Black business ownership declined more than 40%, the largest drop across any ethnic group, according to a report by the House Committee on Small Business Committee. Many owners say the support and funds dried up but now through services like LeisurePay they can reclaim their storefronts. Whether selling online or through conventional brick and mortar venues on Main Street, LeisurePay offers a flexible merchant account powered by the first and only Black acquirer in U.S. history.

Through an informal LeisurePay survey, more than 80 % of minority business owners reported instances of being overcharged by their financial institution. LeisurePay’s transparent business practices also educate merchants on fee structures and proper billing practices. According to NerdWallet, of the 2 million Black-owned businesses “Black business owners receive less business financing, less often, and at higher rates.” LeisurePay levels the playing field.

Their state-of-the-art virtual terminal makes it easy to key in transactions and use alternative means of payment like tokenization. LeisurePay takes its model one step further with electronic invoicing, automated email receipts, and integration to third-party shopping carts. This well-oiled machine offers a patented pending blockchain check-out system allowing customers the option of paying via bank accounts, e-checks, cash and by credit cards into its blockchain protocol to protect consumers and merchants.

The one-of-a-kind financial solution specializes in what traditional banking structures consider to be risky ventures or hard-to-understand business models like the Cannabis & CBD industries, Web 3.0 rails, cryptocurrency launches, FinTech Sponsorships, and high-volume merchant services. Leisure Pay is the solution for a niche network of progressive entrepreneurs who require amenities such as ACH, Check 21, and Credit Card accounts. Each account is FDIC insured and backed by $250,000. Crypto merchants can rest at ease with Leisure Pay’s ultramodern security and seamless service which provides fiat on-ramps and off-ramps for the cryptocurrency using a Blockchain closed-loop payment rail.

The team at LeisurePay has left no stone unturned. LeisurePay is the next step in the evolution of commerce. For more information call 1-786-652-3133 or
info@leisurepay.io or click on https://leisurepay.io.


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