“This is about a lot more than abortion … this reminds me of the debate with Robert Bork … [who] believed the only reason you had any inherent rights was because the government gave them to you,” he said.

Poll: Democrats Are Tired Of Biden And Want Someone Else In 2024

President Joe Biden’s approval rating has been woefully underwater for more than a year - so much so that Team Biden cheers when it goes up to 45 percent.

President Joe Biden’s approval rating has been woefully underwater for more than a year – so much so that Team Biden cheers when it goes up to 45 percent.

Arguably, that has been driven up by the overwhelming number of Republicans who reject Biden, and the large majority of independents who believe he’s doing a bad job – who combined must make up a considerable share of the seven in 10 Americans who consistently say America is on the wrong track.

But now even Democrats have had enough.

ABC News on Sunday reported, “With his party struggling in the midterms, his economic stewardship under fire and his overall job approval under 40%, a clear majority of Democrats in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll say the party should replace Joe Biden as its nominee for president in 2024.”

That “clear” majority amounted to 56 percent of Dems.

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Just 35 percent of Democrats and “Democratic-leaning” independents want Biden back for a second act in 2024.

But it’s not just Democrats who have found Biden tiresome already.

“There are some milestones in Biden’s approval rating,” ABC News noted.

“He’s at new lows in approval among liberals (68%), Southerners (33%) and people in the middle- to upper-middle income range (34%). And his strong approval among Black adults — among the most stalwart Democratic groups — is at a career-low 31%.”

ABC and the Post tried to draw some equivalency between Biden’s unpopularity and that of former President Donald Trump. But that equivalency was false.

The same poll showed that 47 percent of Republicans want Trump in 2024, which was a dozen points higher than what Democrats said about their president. Overall, 46 percent of Republicans want “someone else” besides Trump.

The ABC/Post poll also had a harbinger of bad news for Democrats in November.

“The president’s standing customarily is critical to his party’s fortunes in midterms — and Biden is well underwater,” ABC News noted. “Thirty-nine percent of Americans approve of his job performance while 53% disapprove, about where he’s been steadily the past year.”

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“Each election has its own dynamic but in midterm elections since 1946, when a president has had more than 50% job approval, his party has lost an average of 14 seats,” ABC News continued.

“When the president’s approval has been less than 50% — as Biden’s is by a considerable margin now — his party has lost an average of 37 seats.”

In the poll, GOP candidates lead their Democratic rivals 51-46 among likely voters in the generic congressional ballot.

The reason for that may be how voters see the parties handling the core issues that voters identified as their top concern: the economy, inflation and crime.

Overall, 74 percent of respondents say the economy is in “bad shape,” ABC News noted, up from 58 percent in the spring of 2021.

The GOP leads the Democrats by 16 points in trust to handle the economy overall, by 19 points in trust to handle inflation and by 14 points in trust to handle crime. That 14-point GOP lead on crime is the biggest gap for Republicans since 1991. 

Democrats get stronger marks on abortion and climate change, but a far smaller proportion of voters ranks that as their most important issue.

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