Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed that the Supreme Court inflicted a “terrible travesty” on America by overturning Roe v, Wade and potentially gutting the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) during an interview that aired Tuesday on “CBS Mornings.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz Calls For Clinton Probe To Be Reopened After Durham Report On FBI

Last week Special Counsel John Durham revealed how the FBI targeted former President Donald Trump in 2016 with a bogus investigation based on phony intelligence created by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
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Last week Special Counsel John Durham revealed how the FBI targeted former President Donald Trump in 2016 with a bogus investigation based on phony intelligence created by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Durham said specifically that the probe of Trump should never have been opened based on its shoddy foundation.

What got less attention in the report is that at the same time, the FBI was targeting Trump, it was also protecting Hillary by shutting down legitimate investigations into illegal campaign contributions to her.

Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz called for the Justice Department to reopen those cases and to look at why the FBI shielded Hillary.

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“The Clintons had a team of people at the FBI running interference for them to avoid criminal culpability,” Gaetz tweeted on Friday. “It’s not dissimilar to what we see with the Biden Crime Family today. These matters absolutely warrant additional exposure and review.”

According to the Daily Mail, the FBI had at least four criminal investigations into both Hillary and Bill Clinton in 2016. Yet they were eventually shut down months before the presidential election.  

The FBI was investigating allegations that “two foreign governments were trying to make illegal donations to buy influence with Hillary during her presidential campaign,” the Daily Mail reported.

Agents at FBI field offices in Washington, D.C., Little Rock, Arkansas, and New York City were probing the Clinton Foundation for “possible criminal activity” early in 2016.

The investigation into the potential influence-peddling by both Clintons began in Little Rock, whose agents wanted to confirm accounts of the couple raking in foreign donations in the book “Clinton Cash” by investigative journalist Peter Schweizer. Little Rock passed it to the other field offices because it lacked the resources to pursue it, the Daily Mail noted.

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But one passed up the chain, the case went into “limbo” for months. Durham’s report noted that agents were “scared” and being “super more careful” and “tippy-toeing” around because Hillary could have been elected.

Durham’s report noted how a confidential informant attended a Clinton fundraiser and made a $2,700 donation on behalf of a foreign government with the Clinton campaign’s knowledge. That “was a precursor to the contribution of a significant sum of money” to Hillary, the report added. 

After the field agents presented the case twice to the FBI’s leadership, then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe ordered it closed.

“Then-Washington Field Office assistant director-in-charge Paul Abbate told Durham that McCabe was ‘negative’, ‘annoyed’ and ‘angry’ about the FBI’s Clinton probes at the February 2016 meeting, asking ‘why are we even doing this?’ and telling attendees that the DoJ ‘say there’s nothing here,’” the Daily Mail reported.

The Daily Mail also noted McCabe himself had indirect ties to the Clintons. Clinton aide and ally, then-Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, recruited McCabe’s wife, Jill, to run for state Senate seat in March 2015, when McCabe was director of the FBI’s field office in Washington.

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Both McCabe and the FBI denied any wrongdoing in the Clintons’ case.

Jason Chaffetz, a former Republican congressman and ex-chairman of the House Oversight Committee, joined Gaetz in calling for the investigations to be reopened in light of Durham’s report.

“They had the scent, they were on the trail, and they were shut down by the higher ups who had an obvious political desire to see Donald Trump lose and Hillary Clinton win,’ Chaffetz told the Daily Mail.

“It’s disgusting really. Absolutely these investigations should be revisited. There’s no reason why Congress can’t have a series of hearings with the field agents who were pursuing the Clinton Foundation, and public interviews with them as well.”

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