Senator Rand Paul

Sen Paul: ‘Be Afraid’ Of Your Government, Which Is Actively Seeking To Stifle Dissent

Sen. Rand Paul knows about political violence.

In 2017, he was at the Republican congressional baseball practice in Virginia when a demented Bernie Sanders supported opened fire and wounded five people, including nearly killing Rep. Steve Scalise.

Last year, dramatic video showed police escorting Paul and his wife from an event in Washington amid a mob of angry Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters.

Which is why Paul believes it’s ridiculous for the federal government to go after critics at local school board meetings. Paul added that we’ve reached a point when Americans should fear their government.

In an interview with Fox News, the Kentucky Republican was asked about his reaction to Attorney General Merrick Garland directing federal prosecutors and FBI to meet with school boards to strategize on how to stop potentially unruly protesters.

“Moms at school boards are being told that they’re criminals, potential domestic terrorists, for the crime of dissent, and I think criminalizing dissent is something that we should all be appalled with,” Paul replied.

“I think the problem is, it’s become so normalized to use government to search out and seek out your opponents,” Paul added.

“For example, when FISA warrants, which are supposed to be foreign intelligence warrants, they’re supposed to be used on foreigners, were used against [the] Trump campaign and Trump campaign operatives, the left didn’t blink an eye,” Paul continued. “Their hatred of {former President Donald] Trump trumped everything else.”

When Fox host Ben Domenech asked Paul what he would tell people who worry about ending up on Garland’s “list” if they speak out at a school board meeting, Paul replied, “I would say be afraid. Be afraid of your government. That’s a sad thing from someone in the government to say, but the thing is, those lists already exist.” 

Paul noted that school board members in Northern Virginia did create a list of people they would stop from speaking because they were unruly at a previous session.

“If you go to a school board meeting and you’re disruptive and you don’t obey the rules of the school board meeting, then there will be local punishment,” Paul responded.

“But that has nothing to do with the federal law, it has nothing to do with the Department of Justice. What Merrick Garland did is, he’s attempting to stifle dissent, and he’s attempting to say, ‘Beware, or Big Brother’s coming after you if you speak out against my policies or against the Biden policies.’” 

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