Former President Donald Trump reportedly struck a deal this past weekend to clear the crowded field in North Carolina’s Republican primary for Senate for Rep. Ted Budd, his preferred candidate.

Statement And Letter From Donald Trump To U.S. National Archives

By: Donald J. Trump

I have sent a letter to the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration in defense of the Office of the Presidency, the Constitution, vital principles of separation of powers, and on behalf of our great Nation.

The Radical Left Democrats tried the RUSSIA Witch Hunt, they tried the fake impeachments, and now they are trying once again to use Congress to persecute their political opponents. Their requests are not based in law or reality—it’s just a game to these politicians.

They don’t care about our Country or the American people.

The Democrats are drunk on power, but this dangerous assault on our Constitution and important legal precedent will not work. This Committee’s fake investigation is not about January 6th any more than the Russia Hoax was about Russia.

Instead, this is about using the power of the government to silence “Trump” and our Make America Great Again movement, the greatest such achievement of all time. We won two elections, did far better in the second than the first, and now perhaps have to do it a third time! It is also about trying to deflect blame from Biden’s surrender in Afghanistan and the failures to address COVID, the border, crime, and the economy that is leaving Americans dead or broke.

It’s another grand distraction, because Biden and the Democrats don’t want you to see how badly America is losing due to their incompetence.

My administration, and the great patriots who worked on behalf of the American people, will not be intimidated. We will not allow Biden or the Radical Democrats to get off without accepting blame for their incompetence and failures. I will always fight for America First, and the Constitution.

Together, we will Make America Great Again, Again!

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3 Replies to “Statement And Letter From Donald Trump To U.S. National Archives”

  1. Mr. Fraud
    I heard that people who continue to lie about something tend to actually believe the lie and think its reality. You did not win the 2020 election. This fact has been proven many times and most recently in Arizona. I do not know what it will take to have you come terms with this but you lost and lost by landslide. The documents in question are going to be released if anything is found to show any involvement or planning in the insurrection I would suggest you find a country that will not bring you back to face charges. You have lied about everything. And despite what you may think coming from someone who is a active registered voter you were the worst US President in history. Go away and stay quiet.

  2. All these D.C. democrats have done is get paid big money and over ran expenses (charge cards ) while they cost we the people $millions in lies to continuously attack President Trump and work on way to gain greater control over the country. Now I’m hearing that even with ALL the proof of ballet fraud, they not only will stay in power but, not anyone of them be prosecuted. This will simply be consider flaws to be considered in future election so, it won’t happen again. These corrupted democrats really believe their untouchable and, we are all IDIOTS, that will cry / complain and let them continue to let them, play their game, Yet their trying to take are guns, and talking about martial law, I believe their conscience is warning them of a possible new civil war.

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