Tampa ‘Sleep In’ Protest Planned for the 4th of July

July 1, 2020

By: Staff Report

TAMPA Fla. – Protesters are planning multiple assemblies this 4th of July weekend throughout the Tampa Bay area. Riverview and Tampa being the most prominent.

One scheduled for Tampa, in particular, will be different than other protests Tampa has seen, the organizers are saying to bring your camping gear. It’s a ‘sleep in’ and this protest is titled, “F**K Jane”, starting at 7 PM with a location of TBA.

On the ‘Sleep In’ protest flyer, organizers say, “Tampa Bay Sleep in, Theres No Rest for the Wicked,” and have scratched out Mayor Jane Castors eyes and added horns and matching tail.

Warning, the image below obtained from Twitter, includes some language on it that may be offensive to some readers. (The F Word)

There is also another flyer being circulated for a protest in Tampa that will start at 11 AM and again, TBA on location.

Last week, petitions began circulating from both protesters and citizens, calling for Mayor Jane Castor to resign, and for Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan to be ousted as Tampa’s top cop from the Mayor.


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