Biden Asks Asian Countries To Release Oil Reserves As Administration Scrambles To Combat High Gas Prices: REPORT

Biden Wants A National Fleet Of All-Electric Cars, But On The Way There, His Own Admin Is Erecting A Speed Bump The Size Of A Nevada Mountain

President Joe Biden declared war on fossil fuels to lead America to a green-energy utopia.

The U.S., in fact, was expected to arrive at this carbon-free locale in 2035, by Biden’s calendar.

But much like the “Utopia” that St. Thomas More wrote about 500 years ago, it doesn’t exist.

We know this partly because Biden himself has begged the Arabs in charge of OPEC to ramp up oil production to help keep a lid on escalating oil prices.

Our rivals in Russia are also feasting on Biden’s wishful thinking.

After the Democratic president scuttled the Keystone Pipeline, halted new leases for oil and gas wells on federal lands, and took other steps to straightjacket American energy companies, U.S. oil imports from Russia hit an 11-year high.

As Fox Business noted over the summer, “All policies implemented by the Biden administration have created jobs, prosperity and influence for Russia’s energy sector. This has come at the expense of U.S. producers and consumers who are now paying on average over $3 per gallon at the pump, per AAA.”

But according to Bonner Cohen, an analyst with the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, nothing illustrates Biden’s folly like a controversy over a mine in Nevada.

Cohen recently wrote that two foreign companies want to dig a site in Esmeralda County, Nevada, which supposedly houses the biggest deposits of lithium and boron in North America.

The CEO of one of the firms promised the effort would be “the most advanced lithium project in the U.S.,” capable of supplying enough lithium to build 400,000 electric cars a year for another 25 years.

Cohen noted that Biden and other greenies promote EVs as the vehicle out of climate change hell. Meanwhile, the U.S. has only one operating lithium mine, also in Nevada, even as the country holds 10 percent of the world’s lithium reserves.

Yet the miners have a problem.

A 10-acre parcel on the proposed mining site is home to the Tiehm’s buckwheat, a flowering plant that already faces extinction, but which would surely be doomed once the digging starts.

Accordingly, environmentalists are suing to block the project, and the Biden administration itself is moving to declare the buckwheat an endangered species, which would almost surely grind the mine to a halt. The mining companies are already expected to lose at least a year while the government reviews the status of the buckwheat.

“Approval of the Nevada mine project would enable the Biden White House to say the U.S. is fully participating in the global lithium supply chain, a major step on the way to replacing gasoline-powered vehicles with EVs,” Cohen noted. “But the mine’s dubious prospects are only one of the problems undermining a smooth transition to an all-electric future.”

Yet it gets worse. Biden also has a problem.

According to the International Energy Agency, all-electric cars require six times more minerals than a conventional gas-powered car.

But if we don’t dig the lithium here, we’ll have to import it from hostile countries like China, Bolivia, and Afghanistan.

“All these materials will have to be mined in support of intermittent wind and solar power, which will put huge strains on an already rickety electric grid that will not be able to supply reliable and affordable power, no matter how much Wall Street investors pour into green energy,” Cohen argued.

“Biden and his handlers, the same wizards who masterminded the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, are trading American energy independence from the Middle East for energy dependence on China, our chief geopolitical rival. And the energy we get in this bargain, assuming we get any, will never suffice to power a highly developed nation of over 330 million inhabitants.”

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