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Walmart Goes “Woke” Pushing CRT, Telling White Cashiers And Shelf-Stockers That They Are The Privileged Members Of ‘White Supremacy System’

The late Sam Walton built a multi-billion-dollar retail empire by being unabashedly pro-America and pro-middle class.

“Swim upstream,” Walton once advised. “Go the other way. Ignore the conventional wisdom.”

Yet those who now run his sprawling company have shown they are wholly open to adopting the conventional woke wisdom of many of their Fortune 500 peers.

In a Twitter thread on Thursday, conservative journalist Christopher Rufo revealed that Walmart has gone whole hog for Critical Race Theory indoctrination.

Walmart, he wrote, “has launched a critical race theory training program that denounces the United States as a ‘white supremacy system’ and teaches white hourly-wage workers that they are guilty of ‘white supremacy thinking’ and ‘internalized racial superiority.’”

Rufo noted that Walmart started the program before CRT became a political hot potato.

Since working with the Racial Equity Institute in 2018, the Arkansas-based company has trained more than 1,000 of its workers on the “core principles” of critical race theory, including things like “internalized racial oppression,” and “white anti-racist development.”

“The program begins with the claim that the United States is a ‘white supremacy system,’ designed by white Europeans for maintaining ‘white skin access to power and privilege,’” Rufo wrote.

“Whites are thus subjected to ‘racist conditioning’ that indoctrinates them into ‘white supremacy.’”

The Walmart way asserts white Americans are “inherently guilty of ‘white privilege’ and ‘internalized racial superiority,’” which Rufo said is the belief that “’one’s comfort, wealth, privilege and success has been earned by merits and hard work’ rather than through the benefits of systemic racism.”

According to Walmart’s race hustlers, “white supremacy culture” is known by personality traits such as “individualism,” “objectivity,” “paternalism,” “defensiveness,” “power hoarding,” “right to comfort,” and “worship of the written word” — all of which are “damaging” to people of color.

On the other hand, Walmart tells its minority staffers that they “suffer from ‘constructed racist oppression’ and ‘internalized racial inferiority,’ with internal messages such as ‘we believe there is something wrong with being a person of color’ and ‘we have a sense of limited possibility.’”

The retailer also tells them that they have been “programmed” to believe the “’myths promoted by the racist system’” – which develops in them feelings of “self-hate,” “anger,” “rage,” and “ethnocentrism” – which they survive through forgetting,  lying, and stopping “feeling.”

“The solution, according to Walmart, is to encourage whites to participate in ‘white anti-racist development,’ accept their ‘guilt and shame,’ adopt the idea that ‘white is not right,’ acknowledge their racism, and move toward ‘collective action’ whereby ‘white can do right,’” Rufo noted.

Rufo concluded, “The Walmart program is a study in hypocrisy. White male CEO Doug McMillon rakes in $22 million a year, while lecturing his hourly-wage employees on their ‘internalized racial superiority’ and ‘internalized racial inferiority.’”

“The formula of ‘woke capital’ is clear: American executives — the most privileged people on the planet — can collect accolades and social status by pledging allegiance to DEI [diversity, equity and inclusion] and telling workers they’re racist oppressors.”

Note: Walmart CEO Doug McMillion makes $22.574 million a year.

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46 Replies to “Walmart Goes “Woke” Pushing CRT, Telling White Cashiers And Shelf-Stockers That They Are The Privileged Members Of ‘White Supremacy System’”

  1. Tell Walmart they should die , and the white people are so privileged , just curious who hired them

  2. Post on Walmart’s Twitter and Facebook pages that they won’t get any of your filthy white money !

  3. What would walmart do without their privileged customers? Is there a store out that hasn’t lost their minds?

  4. There is favoritism in Walmart, misconduct and yes Afro-American are not treated equally especially when it comes to moving up.

    Walmart worker

  5. Those white employees are so privileged that they are working for Walmart making those big bucks.

  6. White used to be clean.
    Now they want it to be Dirty.
    What Sin if a Bleach
    came up with that?
    ©R.E. McIntosh

  7. The old adage “you lay with the dogs you’re
    Going to get their fleas.” Sounds like some
    Of the upper management priviledged white people been running with the New Green Deal people and picked up some vermin.

  8. Well it’s my privilege to find another place to spend my $800 a month I’m a survivor of modern slavery in america I was minority owned as a child like many of us today and I was also told it was because of my birth privilege my skin tone my racist history come to find out I’m not white and my family never owned any slaves or wealth but CRT worked great in the past generations it’s kept the supremacists on top blaming their victims for their oppression for many generations under many labels. The CRT pushed on my mother back in the 50s and 60s is exactly why my mother sold her children to minorities from the 70s well into the 2000s it’s why so many young parents are killing are harming themselves and their children and everyone is ignoring it giving them a little pop on the hand.

  9. Come on Wal-Mart, if this is untrue – say so. Otherwise expect a major hit on your bottom line. You have no idea how many customers you’ve lost, but Christmas is just around the corner

  10. So as fewer business’s become available to shop due to CRT wokeism, that’s fewer dollars in the market place. Thereby shareholders WILL fix this knuckleheads BS by firing him and recalibrating the workforce..

  11. Mr. McMillan give up your $22 million salary and the perks that go with it and you will be a “anti racist”. Failure to do that means your just another “wantsbe” not racist. But until them your a super jerk and a lying S O. b.

  12. I remember when Walmart first opened and we were excited to shop from a store that sold mostly American products. It’s unbelievable how far the stayed from their original mission! CRT really is targeting the innocent people and also to the dumb people and is being pushed by the so called smart people, the elites that have sold their soul to Satan!

  13. @Sherry I stopped shopping at Target when they embraced transgender bathrooms. Now Walmart.

  14. I agree David. Lol! CRT is b’s and ridiculous. Try working at Wal-Mart Tallahassee and be white, you the minority. I’m never gonna apologise to anyone for being white nor do I expect a black person to apologize for who God created us to be. This whole race thing is so out of hand,It needs to stop already, .We are all the same to God. Treat others as you would like to be treated. And, on the job, color should not be a factor in pay. Work performance should be deciding factor in pay💞🇺🇸💞

  15. I have not shopped at Walmart’s in years one more Reason not to shop there won’t shop there

  16. Can you imagine someone telling a person of color that their great great grandparents were at fault for their own brutality of slavery because it was their very own country man (aka tribesmen) of some that sold them to the Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, and English slave traders? Isn’t that view or comment down right repugnant? So is this CRT stuff. I have many friends of color, some of whom are even teachers and they do not agree with CRT either. You have to ask yourself, why would billionaires, millionaires, political Elitists, and groups or organizations of power waste their time on the subclass citizens (i.e. meaning all of whom they look down their noses at)? It’s because the more they do it, the more they divide us. And they have much more clout with us divided. Once people see what’s really going on here, maybe then all this hate and race hustling will end for a while. Imho

  17. I’m not going to apologize for being born white. Grouping every white person is like saying all blacks are N******. Walmart you just made a billion dollar mistake

  18. Wally World’s inventory is over 85% made in communist china – and it’s been that way for a LONG time. That is reason enough for me to have stopped shopping there years ago, but incredibly it’s taking this CRT BULLogna to get people to finally get upset enough to stop shopping there?? WOW – it’s probably too late to revolt now, people. Should have been voting with your dollars years ago. Just get back to your pizza, beer, and the big game. SMH.

  19. Well, The CEO is White and he needs to take a pay cut of about 20 million dollars a year and give it to the Walmart workers. Remember is is privileged and he needs to lead with example. If he really believes in this stuff. Yea, right like he is going to take a pay cut. Honestly he could care less. He is just making himself look good.

  20. I”ll BOYCOTT Walmart if they hate me so much for being born “white”, not privledged by ANY means, but white. Wish I hadn’t spent all that “white” money in their stores over the years, that I busted my ass for! I’ve never had a hand out, I have worked all my life and worked hard. So FUCK EM’ if they don’t want my business, I’ll spend my hard earned money else where, and I’m also CANCELLING MY SAMS CLUB MEMBERSHIP, and sending this out to everyone I know on social media. I encourage all you “white” assholes to join me in this boycott! God Bless.

  21. If I didn’t know better I’d say this was Babylon Bee worthy but since it seems this is where America is headed….1. Target trumps Wally every time. I NNNEEEVVVEEERRR shop at WalMart. Ever. Never. Ever never. Before I met my hubby the last WalMart I’d been in was the one in Valrico on Christmas Eve 2008. Next trip, before a birthday party in 2018. BOTH times no cashiers and both times I got sick afterwards: witnessed condoms, needles, pure trash strewn about the parking lot. WalMart is so freaking trashy, so are their products. I feel like I just walked into the health department and once you leave you need to shower immediately. I’d rather bunk up on the infectious disease unit of my local trauma center for a week without a shower before ever contemplating stepping one foot into a WalMart. I’m starting to appreciate my so-called “perceived” privilege and I’m gonna run with it. People will try to make you feel bad….well that gives them power and Ill be damned if I didn’t live through some 💩 to be where I am today. They can call it life or they can call it privilege; either way, it’s mine and no one’s taking it from me.
    Privilege on privileged!
    And sayonara WallyWorld! ✌🏿✌🏾✌🏽✌🏼✌🏻✌️

  22. We might be born with privilege. But some of us worked pretty dang hard to make our lives better than what it might be without that hard work. Our families came to be from hard working, salt of the earth, poor white farmers. Land was the only “privilege” And that is JUST life. Owning vs renting does create wealth. But above all else, strong family values, and focus on the value of work ethic and education is key to generational wealth. That’s not privilege that’s just good morals. But hey, the ignorance of jealousy will clearly spin it any way necessary to fit their fallacious agenda.

  23. The Walton Family who benefited the most from the institution of racism needs this message. The problem is not the message it’s who it’s being directed at. Hard working middle and working class White Americans are on the same level as hard working middle class black Americans. They have no hand in perpetuating racism. The billionaires and millionaires who have benefited from racism are the ones that inherited their wealth from institutions that thrived on racist practices. CRT should be taught to them because they have the power and wealth to change the system not working class white Americans. I work with Middle class white Americans and we share the same struggles and have the same hopes I call them friends.

  24. Try Ingles. They have a great selection and keep their politics all to themselves. I haven’t spent more than $100 at Walmart in the last 10 years and still regret those times.

  25. That is factually, scientifically, not true at all. Stop gobbling liberal idiocy… but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t all be treated as if that’s the case/ not on the basis of race… and this is why you’re part of the problem. Because you don’t start from a base of truth/ reality, you’ll never affect the real problem meaningfully.

  26. I’m with you! I will never step foot in a Walmart EVER again! IF he feels this way about WHITE people like himself…..How about sharing his 23 Million paycheck with people in need? Assist people that are living off the streets and build a condo for them or something. That will never happen he’s to Busy spewing racially vial lies! Hope he’s on the list for GITMO!

  27. That woke crap is soooo disgusting and extremely racist!! What the heck is wrong with that sick putrid pos!!!
    I don’t want to spend my money there anymore!!

  28. Black people will NEVER be satisfied until there are no white people – Haiti 1804. A black man has been elected President TWICE so, black people, what is your excuse for not succeeding? Black people only represent 13% of the U.S. population so it took a majority of white people to elect Otraitor, and yet black people hate white people. After all the white people have been killed off, the U.S. will become another third-world Africa.

  29. Untrue and ignorant statement. There are some good black Americans as well as some bad. The n word refers to the bad. Interesting how you lump them all on one racist category.

  30. Yes according to millions of black people living in “da hood” who daily call each other n*****. And I hear them calling each other that at work all the time. They also call white people “cracker,” “honky,” “redneck,” “hillbilly,” “whitey,” etc, etc.
    You are only offended by terminology if you negatively identify with it – you believe it about yourself somewhere in the back of your mind.
    I only get offended by negative terminology if it is coupled with threats of violence – because I believe in the First Amendment.

  31. A judge once told me to never plead guilty to something in guilty of, therefore I will never say I’m guilty to nonsense like this. I worked hard so of my life for what I have got and never got special treatment for being white or I wouldn’t have to busted my ass with low paying shit jobs like I did.

  32. Igonarance is bliss and so is the word ni***r the meaning can apply to any culture first and far most .Proving my point once again. Here you are again thinking your superior. With that being said Mr. Walton is being played by my culture even while I’m texting this message. Happy Rising. It’s 2021 and were getting it Done. By the way White is the color of chalk not a race of people.

  33. I am looking for a new place to shop.
    I hope Walmart suffers emmense financial losses.

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