Two of Florida’s leading Republicans are raising alarms about leftist billionaire George Soros taking over a Cuban-American radio station in Miami.

Amid A Spike In Violent Crime, George Soros Dumps $1M Into Austin, Texas, Election To Defeat Plan To Hire More Cops

Left-wing billionaire George Soros has sown chaos in one big city after another.

Soros has funneled millions of dollars into local races to help elect Social Justice Warriors as top prosecutors.

Thus, for example, citizens get people like Kim Foxx in Chicago, who recently declined to prosecute participants in a gang shootout, in which one person was killed because the gangs were targeting each other.

Or they get someone like George Gascon in Los Angeles, who is so soft on crime that 24 cities in Los Angeles County have issued votes of “no confidence” in his ability to put criminals in jail.

Or they live under someone like Kimberly Gardner, whose anti-enforcement approach helped her city to have the highest murder rate in the nation in 2020.

Now, Soros is turning his attention, and dollars, to Austin, Texas.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that Soros has pumped at least $1 million to defeat a city ballot initiative that, if passed, calls for Austin to hire at least two cops for every 1,000 residents.

According to local media, Austin now has about 1.2 cops per 1,000 residents. The initiative, driven by a citizens’ group called Save Austin Now, would mean hiring an additional 500 officers.

Besides the hiring mandate, the initiative would require officers to undergo an additional 40 hours of training every year for things like improving shooting skills and handling active shooters.

The measure, which will be decided on Nov. 2, emerges amid rising crime locally. As the Free Beacon reported, Austin is experiencing a “decades-high spike in violent crime. The city has seen at least 67 homicides this year, the highest since at least 1981. Aggravated assaults are also up at least 10 percent, following a 26 percent spike in 2020.”

Fox News, which also reported on Soros’ interest in Austin, noted the city had slashed its police department budget by $150 million last year, or about a third of the total.

Responding to Soros’ activism, Austin City Councilwoman Mackenzie Kelly told Fox News: “It sickens me that out of town billionaires are able to swoop into Austin to fight against citizen-led ballot initiatives. The purpose of our city’s charter is to allow regular, everyday people to fight for what they believe in when the city council fails them.” Soros, however, seems to care more about the narrative than how his efforts affect local residents. 

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  2. Texan’s need to fight for their state. Dont let the likes of Soros to destroy it. He has destroyed every country he has been in

  3. When are Soros actions seen as treason! Strip his so called citizenship and kuck him out of the country. He has destroyed so many others!!

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