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An Offbeat Australian Sports Controversy Offers A Lesson For Americans, Especially Those On The Left

As Americans argue over concepts like “fairness” and “inclusion” in feeding the cultural confusion created by arguing for letting women into traditionally male domains and having transgenders turn up wherever they please, we have another example of how fruitless these debates are in the face of thousands of years of human history and biology.

Let’s turn to Australia.

There, they play a version of basketball called “netball,” and recently the state of Queensland held its under-18 state championship tournament.

A team called the won the title, blitzing all of the competition. For example, the Suns won 46-12 in the championship game.

What made the Suns unique is that they are an all-boys team that, in the spirit of “inclusion,” were allowed to compete against seven all-girls squads in the big tournament.

The governing body, Netball Queensland, sounded like American feminists advocating for, say, a woman to play college football or for transgender women in female lockerrooms in explaining why it essentially allowed the equivalent of LeBron James and the Lakers to play in the WNBA.

“We stand by the decision to choose inclusion over exclusion,” the group noted, adding that the boys “have limited opportunities to play in a high-performance environment due to low participation numbers [of other boys] and limited pathways.”

The Suns were “verbally abused by parents,” the local media reported, noting that “several spectators leveled vile insults against the players and coach with many outraged that an all-boys team was allowed to play against an all-girls team.”

One person who was particularly outraged was Katherine Deves, co-founder of a group called Save Women’s Sports Australasia – which opposes allowing transgender women to compete in biological women’s sports.

“Who’s being included here? Because it’s certainly not the women and girls,”Deves told Australian media. She added that the tournament showed that women and girls were expected to sacrifice their sports so “men and boys feel good about themselves. It’s absolutely outrageous.”

America could learn from this.

President Joe Biden not long ago said, “There’s not a single thing a man can do that a woman can’t do as well or better.”

Well, there’s at least one – play netball. And we know from human history, science, and common sense, there are plenty of others.

The Queensland Suns did not deserve the scorn directed at them. That should have been aimed at the adults who let them play for the sake of “inclusion.”

But, in a lesson some American liberals pushing a radical anti-woman agenda could learn, their domination shows that biology wins out in the end, and to deny that means to penalize women for no good reason.

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